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Who is Viewshine?

Viewshine is a global pioneer in supplying cutting-edge smart metering technology and solution for worldwide gas, water


In experience of around 20 years, over 10 million smart meters were installed in China and 1million smart meters were installed in foreign countries; Viewshine is the key qualified supplier of smart metering solutions to the 5 biggest Chinese Gas&Water Ultilities, meanwhile Viewshine is also running several big commercial AMI metering systems in china now.

In 2010, Viewshine was awarded by Chinese Government with “State Metrological Technology Research Institute” and

“State New Hi-tech Enterprise” for its achievement on innovation and commercialization of smart gas/water metering

products. In 2013, as a member of China National Standard Committee, Viewshine composed the “Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Verification Standard” as state level standard

What Viewshine do?

Viewshine develop, supply and operate full Smart Metering Solution which consists of innovative and state-of-the-art

metrological technology (Ultrasonic) and communication technology(RF,GSM/GPRS and Mbus) covering hardware,

applications, installation, high level tech-support and system compatibility to enable utilities and consumers to effectively

manage natural resources across an integrated network, activating vital connection between technology and communities.